Times They Are-a Changin’

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About 3 years ago I started on this paleo, real food, living-like-humans-should-live journey and I wasn’t sure where it was going to lead me. What I knew then was that there was something deep inside me that pulled me into this new world and things would never be the same.

I also think I knew that I had found my calling. What I knew I wanted was to educate people about food and lifestyle and how much of a profound impact these things have on their health – with the RIGHT information. As I started to talk to people about eating a whole food/paleo diet, one of the biggest hurdles I heard was that it was too expensive. That’s why I started the blog – Primal On a Dime. My idea was that you could eat primal “on a dime” and I would offer affordable tips, tricks and inspiration to do so. I thought I was so clever…

Originally, I wanted to demonstrate that eating paleo wasn’t expensive and you could “do it on the cheap,” but I soon learned that it wasn’t just about that. I began to change the tone to one where offering this advice can help someone turn “primal” on-a-dime. See what I did there? Eh…I still wasn’t that crazy about it.

As I continued to self-educate and become more entrenched in figuring out my own health problems I knew that I had to do more to spread this knowledge further than my immediate circle of influence. Like peeling away the layers of a parfait (name that reference!), I soon began to embrace entirely the idea that our health, the health of our children and grandchildren, all depends on what we eat and how we live now. But I had this nagging feeling that I was missing the technical knowledge behind “the why” and no one would really listen to me if I didn’t have some sort of credential to say – “hey, I know what I’m talking about” confidently.

That is why I made the decision to enroll in the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner program through the Nutritional Therapy Association. Through this certification I hope to impart my knowledge on others and help people understand the WHY behind all of this. Finding affordable ways to eat a whole food diet is just a teeny tiny part of how to make it all work. If you don’t get the why then this lifestyle change just won’t stick.

The NTP program began last week and I’m already through the first module, ahead of schedule, becoming more and more passionate and confident that this is what I am meant to do with my life. Meanwhile, over the past several months I have been hemming and hawing over what brand I want to display, because “Primal On A Dime” just isn’t cutting it any more.

I’ve finally made up my mind that it’s about the approach, it’s about how we think, feel and behave around food. It’s about how we care for, prepare, grow, and eat our food. It’s about how we handle stress, how we sleep, and the environments we live in. It’s about getting back to what makes humans human. That is only (ONLY) way toward optimal health and longevity.

Soon, I will be launching a new blog name that embodies this new way of addressing a whole food diet and the lifestyle factors that influence our health. I’m excited to finally announce this and give you all a heads up! Within the next week if you search for “primalonadime.com” you will be redirected to my new site. I can’t wait to share more knowledge nuggets with you and help you find optimal health for a long, happy life!