The Family Farm Spring 2015

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Record breaking cold weather in February and March forced a slow start to spring planting this year in the Northeast. We had good intentions with planning for transplants this spring, but our motivation soon fizzled when it was too flippin’ cold to go outside and dig in the dirt until around mid-April. The transplants didn’t do so well in the basement with the grow lights – we think probably because it was too cold down there. We’ll have to adjust the plans for next year. Oh well, you live, you learn.

Three new fun things in the garden this year are:

  1. A green bean teepee for hideouts and play time.
  2. A new strawberry bed awaiting transplants.
  3. The raspberries are coming back! Last spring started off very warm and got the raspberry plants all pumped up only to freeze them a few weeks later and ruin our dreams of fresh raspberry jam. This year we’re on track!

While plant growth was a little further along last year at this time, things have finally started to warm up and our little seedlings are popping up all around the garden beds. Here are some pictures of our preparation and what the garden looks like today. Can’t wait for some fresh lettuce and spinach soon!

Raspberry plants and our embarrassingly long grass.
This is going to be so cool!
Time to do some thinning. Come of kale babies!
Onions?…We forgot what we planted here, but they survived the winter and we think they might be shallots or yellow onions.
Because our garden wasn’t big enough, we built a new bed for strawberries.
It keeps getting bigger and better every year!

Until next time…happy spring! Go plant something.