Playing in the Dirt

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My favorite time of year is when the snow melts, the ground thaws, and we can start digging in the garden. Our little transplants are doing really well and we’ve already got some seeds planted in the ground outside – carrots and scallions to be exact.

Here is a quick update to show you where things are:

Broccoli seedlings have been re-potted, we’ll keep these guys inside for a few more weeks until after the last frost date in our area.


Kale, chard, leeks and onions are ready to go outside. We’ll be planting them next week, just before the last frost date here.

DSC_5972 DSC_5971

This week we planted the spinach, lettuces and arugula outside. My son helped…er, shoveled dirt in an empty bed.

DSC_5984 DSC_5990

My son: Mom, is it ok that my hands are dirty in the garden?
Me: Of course! Get as dirty as you want sweetie.

Here’s a little carrot seedling popping up. Hi there!

Look how tiny arugula seeds are. So tiny!


We’ll be doing a lot of digging in a few weekends preparing two new beds. One we will use to plant stuff that we are going to donate to our local food pantry each week. Another will be a bed for strawberries only. I’m looking forward to it! I’ll share that update when we get there.

Enjoy your weekend folks!