30 Day Challenge: 3rd Update

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I really really wanted to scarf down a box of gluten free cookies last night. But I didn’t. I poured myself a cup of chamomile tea with 1 TBS collagen and a little raw local honey and sipped slowly and consciously. Then I gave the baby a bath, changed the baby, fed the baby, rocked the baby, blogged and cuddled on the couch with my hubby. So I didn’t even have time to go back to the kitchen and feel tempted by empty calories and sugar.

Whew. Close. Call!

Check out my plan for this challenge here and first and second updates here and here.

Now, for week 3 in review…

Day 15 (Wednesday)


IMG_20140409_183009_839Breakfast: Roasted taro root, sauteed escarole, steamed zucchini and yellow squash, pork sausage (homemade with just salt and parsley). 1 green apple. 1 cup dandelion root tea with 1 TBS collagen and 1 cup black coffee.

Lunch: Jicama fries. PF Changs shaking beef with extra vegetables, no rice, no sauce, no corn flour on the beef. It was sort of a farewell lunch with my coworkers as I am changing jobs next week. Pretty excited! I totally forgot to take a picture.

Dinner: Grass-fed beef burgers, sweet potato chips fried in grass-fed beef tallow, steamed frozen broccoli florets. This is by far one of my favorite meals.

Day 16 (Thursday)

IMG_20140410_062209_145 IMG_20140410_115743_363

Breakfast: Homemade pork sausage, roasted taro root, sauteed chard, green apple, bone broth. 2 cups black coffee.

: Cucumber/red onion cilantro salad with wild caught hake portion, zucchini and green beans for dipping in chicken liver pate. 1 cup chamomile, 1 cup rooibos tea.

Dinner: Beef Heart Stew with yellow DSC_6036onion and leeks, butternut squash, 1/2 Japanese sweet potato (I was feeling carb deprived after a pretty low carb lunch). I was really hungry when I came home from work and then had to wait 40 minutes for the squash to be done. Albeit not an eternity, but in that time I ate a cold hamburger patty and a clementine to hold me over. After dinner I attempted to make a kale smoothie, but the stick blender was top heavy in the container and I ended up spilling more than half of it on the counter. Dah! 1 cup Natural Calm tea.

Day 17 (Friday)


Breakfast: Wild caught salmon, Yucca fries, steamed broccoli florets. 1 cup black tea with 1 TBS collagen. 1 green apple. 1 cup black coffee.

Lunch: Cucumber/red onion & cilantro salad with 1 tsp Kelp salt, arugula with homemade pork sausage and butternut squash with EVOO. Carrots and chicken liver pate.

Dinner: Roasted acorn squash, smoked turkey, steamed kale, mashed plantain. Dates, probably too many, agh. Cup of chamomile and natural calm.

Day 18 (Saturday)


IMG_20140412_130634_808Breakfast: Mashed plantain, yucca fries, hake portion.

Lunch: Beef heart stew, acorn squash, 1 banana, apple chips.

Dinner: Dah! I forgot to take a picture, but it was a salad from the Whole Foods salad bar (we went to a friend’s for a party) – romaine, broccoli, roasted beets, cucumber, grilled chicken breast, EVOO. Also, I totally screwed up and had a paleo treat with chocolate! But I’m not letting it ruin my day. Moving on…look at all the awesome food I’ve been eating.

Day 19 (Sunday)

IMG_20140413_072536_683 IMG_20140413_133035_119 IMG_20140413_180813_997Breakfast: Homemade pork sausage, yucca fries (two yucca roots makes a lot of fries!), mug of bone broth. 1 cup black tea.

Lunch: Arugula, butternut squash, wild caught hake. Bone broth. Dried apples, “chocolate” cake (test run for Easter).

Dinner: Roasted rutabaga, baked shad, and sauteed asparagus. 1 cup chamomile tea.

Day 20 (Monday)


Breakfast: Beef heart, mashed plantain, bone broth.

Lunch: Rutabaga, asparagus, shad. Jicama fries with lime juice and salt.

Dinner: Bison bacon bomb (recipe to come!), mashed yam (not white potato, but a yam, and not a sweet potato, they are different and really good!), sauteed purple kale and onion in a little bone broth. 1 mug bone broth.

Day 21 (Tuesday)

IMG_20140415_061650_890 IMG_20140415_121305_735

Breakfast: Mashed plantain, sauteed purple kale and onion, 50/50 bacon burger, bone broth, 2 cups black coffee, 1 cup green tea.

Lunch: Jicama fries with lime juice and salt. Roasted rutabaga, sauteed asparagus, bison bacon bomb.

Dinner: Went out to dinner with my sister and I totally intended on taking a picture, but then I didn’t. I am starting to suck at this. I ordered a 4 oz sirloin, grilled shrimp, steamed broccoli and sweet potato with butter. Then when I got home I ate a little more sweet potato and a tiny little 50/50 bacon burger slider and a mug of bone broth. Next week I’ll get better with the pics, promise!

Here’s my deal with coffee…
It is much easier for me to swear off coffee when I am at home. I just don’t make it. Plus our weekends are so busy anyway, I don’t feel like I need that big caffeine kick, instead a cup of green or black tea works just fine. Sometimes I don’t even have caffeine on the weekends. At work there are giant vats of coffee in the kitchen and it smells so good! I’ve just gotten into the routine of grabbing a cup and going back to my office to type away.

I think coffee for me is more of a habit than an actual addiction. And now that I realize that, I consider it a challenge. Because, while some habits are really good for you, like meditating or exercise, I think ALL habits should be broken – I think it is really important to get out of your comfort zone and do something different from time to time.

What is even better is breaking your habits with a buddy. At dinner tonight my sister and I both agreed to swear off coffee beginning tomorrow for 30 days. Just to see what happens!

Want to join us? Let’s DO IT!