30 Day Challenge: The Plan

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Don’t you just want to live there? Beautiful!

It’s time for a reset. Where…did…I put…that reset button?

Sticking to any kind of strict diet protocol is not easy, especially when you have a busy day at work and then you get home and your second job (the “mom” job) begins. I totally get it…

Because lately I feel like I’ve been on a roller coaster ride. I feel SO GOOD when I eat the foods I know my body tolerates well and then I buy a jar of almond butter and over do it. Gah! Within a day my eczema flares and the glands at the top of my neck on back of my head get really sore. (It’s weird, but they get very tender and hurt a lot when I stretch my neck.) Other weird stuff happens, too, but I won’t bore you with those details. The point is, my body is telling me I am doing something stupid and to stop.

I have decided to get back to basics and just. eat. real. food (the food I know I tolerate well) for 30 days because I desperately want to feel vibrant again. I want clear, beautiful, healthy skin. I want a stable mood and energy throughout the day. I want to truly feel awesome and sexy. (When was the last time you felt that way?)

Listen, I am not some sickly person over here, but you don’t have to be walking around hacking up a lung to be unhealthy. You don’t have to be overweight to be unhealthy. If you’re having some sort of problem – allergies to anything, an auto-immune condition, a diagnosed disease/condition, constipation, whatever – your body is inflamed. When your body is inflamed you need to do something about it or it just gets worse. Or it doesn’t get any better and then you’re always like – why do I have this weird rash? And why does my butt itch? (I’m not saying my butt itches, but maybe yours does) Or something like that.

Chronic inflammation leads to all sort of wonky problems and big time medical expenses down the road. One of the reasons I am so passionate about nutrition is because I want to invest in my future. My healthy future.

So, I am going to commit and put it out here in the blogosphere that I’m going to commit. Because if I tell all of you, you’ll hold me accountable, right? RIGHT?!

Sidebar: When you want something, anything, if you just start saying you’re going to do it by writing it down, telling a friend, telling your mom, all of a sudden it just starts happening. Everything falls in line and the universe starts handing you the tools you need to get it done. Whatever IT is. Try it! It’s so fun.

The first step to any successful plan is to…make a PLAN. Makes sense. So last Friday I sat down to a cup of bone broth and planned my meals while putting together a grocery list for the week.


Here are my rules:

1. Just eat real food. Primal all the way.
2. AIP protocol (No nuts, seeds, eggs, nightshades, dairy) – this is really to calm down my immune system, help regulate my hormones, and to help clear up my skin as quickly as possible.
3. Eat the most nutrient dense foods possible (organ meats, bone broth, tons and tons of vegetables)
4. Limit fruit to one or two pieces a day, focusing on vegetables for snacks.
5. No whining!

I will post two updates – one mid-challenge and the second at the end of the challenge. I just started taking pictures of my meals two days ago so mid-challenge update will be around, say April 9th-ish.

Any advice or words of encouragement? Want to join me? Comment below!