Breakfast for Dinner Fridays!

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I love breakfast and I love cheap, tasty meals for my family.  What is easier than pancakes, bacon and eggs?  Not a whole lot.  Doesn’t take much thought and it cooks up real quick.  So, Breakfast for Dinner Fridays begins.  Last night we made scrambled eggs, pumpkin Paleo pancakes, and uncured, nitrite/nitrate free bacon.

I doubled the recipe for the pancakes to feed two adults and a hungry toddler.  The original portions I found here (thanks CFSCC!).

It was delicious!

Here is the breakdown…

6 organic eggs, scrambled with a little salt and pepper = $2.23

bacon  = $4.99

(TIP:  Save, save, save that yummy delicious bacon grease!  I put it in a small glass or ceramic bowl and store it in the fridge covered by plastic wrap and a rubber band to hold it tight.  Bacon grease used to saute vegetables, sauerkraut or to brown other meats adds a depth of flavor and it is free!  Minus the cost of the bacon of course, but who doesn’t like stretching a buck?)

pancakes –
1 cup (1/2 can) pumpkin puree =  $.65
1 cup Mara Natha Almond Butter  from Costco (two pack is around $10) = $1.25
1/4 cup chopped pecans = $1.00
4 T organic free-trade raw honey = $2.83
2 T vanilla
1 T cinnamon

Dinner for 2.5 = $12.95 = $4.31 per person!

There weren’t any leftovers, just full bellies here.  But if there were we would of saved the bacon for a high protein snack later.

*Note the glass of Merlot in the picture.  Who says you can’t have a glass of wine with breakfast for dinner?  Red wine in moderation gives you a great source of antioxidants.  Just don’t over do it.  One or two glasses is enough.  One of the many reasons I. heart. primal. life.


is a YouTube video on how to make the best scrambled eggs.

When you are making your pancakes, use a ladle so you get the same size pancake every time. Make sure your pan is on medium heat and you keep it clean between batches by wiping it down with a dish towel or paper towel.  Also, as is the primal way, use real butter (preferably organic or pastured) for the best results.  Polyunsaturated fats, aka PUFAs , like Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter, suck in a hot pan and they are really bad for you.  Eat fat and stay healthy. Ha!