The Ancestral Approach Amazon store includes my favorite books, food, kitchen gadgets and other miscellaneous health and wellness products. 

All of the products I recommend are ones that I have either used or tested and approve.

CAUTION! I generally do not recommend purchasing supplements or essential oils on Amazon as they are often sold by sellers who do not have permission from the manufacturers to do so. The supplements could also be counterfeit, so you don't know if what you receive in the mail is the supplement you need, a sugar pill, or who knows what! The supplements in my store are ones where I have checked with the seller or supplement company to ensure what you are purchasing is legit.

Of course, these are all my affiliate links. Shopping with me on Amazon helps support my business - THANK YOU!

Essential oils are a safe, effective and natural way to support your overall wellness. Sign up for and upcoming essential oils class to learn more, but if you'd like to get started right away, feel free to shop my doTERRA store here.

Happy shopping!