Why I Hate Type 2 Diabetes

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Her kitchen was small and cozy, always neat and clean with everything in it’s place. The sun was warm coming in through the window over the sink, her little coffee pot dripped a new brew as she set biscotti, plates, cups and napkins on the table. We sat and chatted about the family, what I was up to at my new job and life. I loved these moments with my Grandma and I think about them all of the time.


As I would tell her about my entry level HR job at a fast paced digital marketing agency, she would always ask me “Are you happy?” I would say yes and she would nod, acknowledging my answer while her beautiful blue eyes whispered something I could not hear. She wouldn’t pry further but just leave the thought in the air for a few moments.


Every time I would visit the scene would repeat; kitchen chairs, coffee, cookies, and that question. “Are you happy?”


I think she knew what I was too young and ambitious to know – that I wasn’t living my purpose and no, I was not truly fulfilled in my work. I think I also knew, in my gut, that her question was more of a request – to do what makes me happy, to seek out my purpose and follow it.


I received promotion after promotion and was very successful in my HR career. My husband and I bought a house, started a family, got a new car, and began building our lives around a lifestyle that didn’t fit that true purpose – but it did fit our paychecks. I was incredibly successful (as far as corporate statuses go), happily married and in love with being a mom.


Shortly after our son was born my purpose came sprinting at me and suddenly I knew what I was meant to do with my life. First, my brother in law introduced us to the paleo diet and I began studying everything I could about nutrition. That’s when I started this blog. And then, my beautiful Grandma passed away due to complications of Type 2 diabetes. I was devastated, and really mad that her last days were spent in a hospital, in severe pain and having surgeries that could have been avoided had it not been for the poor circulation from the diabetes.


It has taken me a long time to get these thoughts on the blog. Losing someone you love fucking hurts and it just never seemed like the right time to publicly share this story. These are some of my deepest thoughts, the scenes that replay in my mind regularly. Coffee, cookies, Grandma, laughing with her, seeing her in the hospital, wanting her pain to go away and a search for happiness.


That year was a turning point for me. I started to learn that if I didn’t change my stressful job, solve my addiction to sugar, and create a new path, that diabetes was probably in my future. There’s no way I’m going out like that. I want my quality of life to be bright and vibrant right up until the end.


Type 2 diabetes is a completely preventable disease. It is a disease of our modern lifestyles. Of too much sugar, too much stress and not enough real food and self care.


This is what drives me to educate, empower and inspire women so that they can have a vibrant life too. This business as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner is my purpose, it is what I am meant to do.








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