What’s With Sugar?

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This week I’ll be at Whole Body Yoga in North Wales, PA talking all about sugar.


This is by far one of my favorite nutrition topics because it is the one that can make the biggest impact for most people. Everyone can benefit from cutting down on their sugar and processed carbohydrate intake. Everyone!


In these class, I’m sharing my non-dogmatic approach to how to safely detox from sugar and processed carbohydrate foods, and identify the symptoms that are clues to your sugar intolerance. We will also discuss 10 food swaps so you can get started on your health journey after leaving the class. Plus, a surprise gift!


You may be surprised to learn that common symptoms like feeling hangry (hungry + angry) between meals is a big red flag for insulin resistance. And the solution to that symptom is easier and more delicious than you think!


Classes are FREE. Today’s class was a great start with very curious and interested participants. I loved it and I know they did too! I’m looking forward to sharing more the rest of the week, join me.


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