Top 5 Foods to Eat For More Energy

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Not a morning person? Afternoon slump have you reaching for a candy bar? If you need coffee or sweets in the afternoon and wake up feeling groggy, or have trouble sleeping, these could all be signs of blood sugar imbalance.
Bottom line is when you feel this slump, you need an energy boost now!
Before you walk to the office kitchen for a cup of coffee or stock up on chips and candy bars, join this LIVE class and find out some healthier options to give you the energy kick you need.
This Tuesday at 9PM I’ll be going LIVE in the closed Ancestral Approach FB group to cover the top 5 foods you need for better energy. To get access you have to register HERE.
Join us and connect with other like minded people for support and guidance.
It’s gonna be FUN 😀
P.S. Grab your Healthy Eating on the Go Guide here and kick start your journey now, there’s no time to waste.