Don’t Make These Mistakes When It Comes to Safe Skin Care

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If I could rewind to when we first started investigating safer skin care, I probably would have done a few things differently, had I known where to find safe products.


1. I would not have bought all the ingredients to make my own lotions. I spent a ton of money buying all of the raw materials to make my own lotions and soaps only to get frustrated when they didn’t work like I wanted them to. I still have a box of raw cacao, beeswax, zinc oxide powder and empty jars in my basement. Maybe I just wasn’t good at it, but making lotions is an art I could not master!


2. I would have done more research to find a company that is dedicated to making safer skin care and EWG verifies all of their stuff. This wold have saved me a ton of money trying out all of the products at WholeFoods and online.


The world of safe skin care is confusing and unfortunately any company making safe products today could change their formula tomorrow. That’s why I am excited to be partnering with Beautycounter to offer safe skin care and makeup to my tribe!


One thing I love about partnering with Beautycounter is their transparency and dedication to their “Never List.” The Never List is made up of more than 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals that they will never use in their products. You can read about the Never List on Beautycounter’s website here


Since I am just getting started offering these products to my readers and clients, I have put together a very special offer!


If you place a BeautyCounter order before September 9th at 11:59 PM EST, you’ll be entered to win a FREE Rejuvenating Eye Cream or Radiance Serum.


AND, everyone who places an order of at least $50 will receive a free Sun Protect Lip Balm from me!


These offers are only available through me because I am super excited to be extending this service to my tribe!


I don’t plan on doing these kind of freebies often so get your toxin free skin care and makeup here before September 9th!