Mid-Summer Farm Update

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So we don’t actually own a farm. But it’s a really really big garden. So it feels like a farm. I felt like I needed to clarify that if you are thinking, wow she has a farm AND a full-time job AND two kids. When does she sleep? When does she eat? When does she…?

Truth is, I have been procrastinating on the blog posts because it is summer time. I’d rather be playing outside with my kids and then catching up on OITNB episodes. And I’d rather be sleeping, enjoying fresh vegetables from the garden and spending some quality time with my man. Hubba hubba.

I digress…

We are growing a LOT of vegetables this year. Holy cow. I just picked 8 cucumbers, 8 bulbs of garlic and 2 giant zucchini. I gave the zucchini to a friend, figured out what the heck to do with fresh garlic bulbs and I still need to look up some ideas for preserving cucumbers – besides making pickles. We’re thinking some cucumber soup or something that way we can freeze it for later. (Do you want a frozen banana? No…but I want a regular banana later, so yeaaa…name that comedian.)

Good news is after several neem oil applications and some wood ash, we rid ourselves of flea beetles. Plus, turns out they aren’t as much of a problem once the plants mature. So while our kale and rainbow chard took a beating early, now they are flourishing.

This was the beginning of June:


This picture is from this week:


For the most part, things are booming. We’ve already harvested and devoured a bunch of vegetables. For instance, an entire row of Bok choy, lots of carrots, a ton of zucchini and several pounds of kale and lettuce. Salads every day.

Things that bombed:

Broccoli. Well, broccoli might not be a total bomb, we have a little head starting just this week. After a really hot couple of days early in the summer a couple of the plants went to seed, so they had to go. We’ll see how this one does:


Arugula. Little buggers are tough to grow. Once it got warm out they all bolted and turned to flower. Blah, I’m not going to waste my time with arugula until it starts to cool off again.

Green Beans. I’m just not impressed. Look. Lame. My husband did pick a handful of purple beans for dinner tonight. So that’s something.


I thought it would be fun to do some comparison photos to see the difference one month makes.

We did a compost layer in June, so I’m sure that contributed to the boom from June to July.

Lettuce in June:


Lettuce in July (bolted, needs to be pulled or eaten fast):


Tomato plant in June:


Tomato plant in July, you can see a bunch of green tomatoes on the bottom right of the plant. Should be ready soon!


Zucchini in June:


Zucchini in July:


Pumpkin in June:


Insane pumpkin takeover in July:


I mean, that’s just ridiculous.

Cucumbers in June:


Cucumbers in July:


Other fun things.

We had our nieces and nephews over for a visit and they went carrot crazy. We must have pulled out 20 carrots and rinsed them off. Kids were walking around cracking rabbit jokes and nibbling on super fresh carrots. My nephew even told me “You grow the best carrots ever!” He got an extra carrot.




Also noteworthy was one of the first zucchini we harvested.

It was a zucchini baby, look:


We stuffed it with delicious pork from a local farm and other veggies from the garden:


Then! THEN! I harvested garlic. We grew 8 garlic bulbs. I’m feeling very proud. I didn’t want to screw things up, so I hit the books and figured out what to do with them. Basically, you just clean them off and dry them in a cool place. You can harden them in the sun for a few days, but it is really humid here right now so I thought that would be a dumb idea.

DSC_6653 DSC_6651 DSC_6652



That’s pretty much it, aside from a ton of fresh herbs, my favorite are basil and parsley. We’re just figuring out what seeds to put in the ground next.

How is your summer garden coming along? Tell me in the comments!