Spring Showers Bring May Vegetables!

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My husband has convinced at least one of our friends and my sister/brother-in-law to buy worms for vermicomposting. He is that excited about worms.

Anyway, wanted to do a quick update on the garden situation. Mostly because I found we reference my blog posts about the garden to compare how we did last year at the same time.

These pictures are after one application of worm tea.

Spinach…I think we’ll be ready to harvest some this week.








Arugula…so little
















Scallions and green leaf lettuce (the lettuce re-seeded itself from last year!)








Bok Choy city!








I didn’t take pictures of everything, but this will give you (and us) an idea of where we are at the beginning of May. Next year, we’re hoping to be a little bit further along by getting better at transplants. For now, we patiently wait for things to grow!

How is your garden coming along?

Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. Enjoy your day today 🙂