30 Day Challenge: 2nd Update

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If you missed the first two posts of my 30 Day Challenge you can view the plan here and check out my first week’s update here.

Let’s get right to it then…here is week two in summary.

Day 8 (Wednesday)

IMG_20140402_062543_280IMG_20140402_121825_766 IMG_20140402_172858_896

Breakfast: Roasted butternut squash, steamed kale and ground buffalo. Green tipped banana. 2 cups black coffee. 1 cup red raspberry leaf tea.

Lunch: Leftover pork fried “rice”, the last of the fennel and apple salad and a Granny Smith apple. 1 cup roibbois tea.

Dinner: Citrus & Herb Pot-Roast, except we used the crock pot, Japanese sweet potato. I also had a few spoonfuls of cranberry jello and a slice of cantaloupe. I realize I may have overdid it on the fructose consumption today. Oh well, tomorrow is another day!

Symptoms: UGH! My skin is flaring up again. Could be a few things, could be a histamine intolerance that I’ve suspected for a while – I had sardines yesterday and they are a high histamine food. Or it could be coconut oil that we put on my daughter’s head rubbing off on my face (I don’t seem to tolerate coconut oil topically). OR it could be the coffee. Damnit. Skin problems suck. Must. focus…

Day 9 (Thursday)

IMG_20140403_064449_482 IMG_20140403_125620_886 IMG_20140403_180521_775

Breakfast: Raw kale & butternut squash pureed with cinnamon, ground bison, zucchini for dipping in chicken liver pate. Bone broth. 1 banana. 1 cup green tea. 1 cup black coffee. GAH! Stop. drinking. coffee. (but it’s my precious!) Clearly I’m struggling with this coffee deal, which should be left out with the AIP modifications I said I was doing.

Lunch: Watermelon radish salad, Magic chili and cauliflower rice, raw fennel. 1 cup decaf green tea.

: Turnip and carrot hash with sage & bacon fat, wild caught Hake, steamed zucchini and yellow squash. Not pictured: 1 plantain w/ghee, cranberry jello and frozen strawberries. 1 cup dandelion root tea and 1 tsp Natural Calm.

Day 10 (Friday)

IMG_20140404_063539_224 IMG_20140404_122435_980 IMG_20140404_173929_816Breakfast: Leftover pot roast, steamed kale, mashed plantain and bone broth. 1 cup rooibos tea and 1 cup green tea.

Lunch: Leftovers from last night. Zucchini and chicken liver pate. Not pictured: Cantaloupe.

Dinner: Japanese sweet potato, leftover pot roast. Not pictured: watermelon radish salad and a few slices of cantaloupe.

Day 11 (Saturday)

IMG_20140405_072746_837 IMG_20140405_124559_120 IMG_20140405_192400_307

Breakfast: Mashed plantain (don’t worry, I’m taking a week off of plantains next week), ground bison, bone broth, butternut squash, zucchini and yellow squash. 1 cup black coffee.

Lunch: At my parent’s house, my mom is very aware of all my food sensitivities. So she had prepared burgers, raw kale, olives, beets, and cucumbers. Drizzled a lil EVOO on the kale…pretty tasty! After that we hung around and I had some apple jello (apple juice and gelatin) and a few slices of banana with creamed cinnamon honey (from a local farm – my dad’s favorite that I brought with us from home).

Dinner: When you are with your two best friends and you can count the number of times you are all three are together in the last few years on one hand, you put your protocol on hold, a little, for just one meal. The biggest snafu tonight was two hard apple ciders. I ordered grilled salmon & shrimp with two sides of steamed broccoli at TGIF.

Day 12 (Sunday)

IMG_20140406_092220_765 IMG_20140406_092225_366 IMG_20140406_122105_140

Breakfast: We met my brother and his family for breakfast, so in preparation of that I ate half of a sweet potato with olive oil before we left the house. This way I wouldn’t make any bad decisions because I was too hungry at the diner. There is not a lot at a diner for breakfast that you can eat on AIP. I made due with steamed vegetables, two sides of bacon and a cup of green tea.

Lunch: Half of a sweet potato, leftover London broil with onions, sauteed escarole in bone broth. Cucumber & chicken liver pate. Pineapple. 1 cup black coffee. 1 mug bone broth.

Dinner: Bacon wrapped scallops, acorn squash, sauteed escarole with bone broth and red onion. A few pieces of cantaloupe. I honestly don’t know where this picture went. I’m sure I instagramed it but I can’t find it. Oh well.

Day 13 (Monday)

IMG_20140407_062611_144 IMG_20140407_114247_405 IMG_20140407_175911_262

Breakfast: Roasted taro root, herb crusted baked salmon, steamed kale in bone broth. Mug of bone broth. 2 cups green tea. 1 cup rooibos.

Lunch: Jicama fries with lime juice & Real Salt. 1 green apple. Leftovers – escarole, acorn squash. With smoked turkey from our local farm. Dried pears.

Dinner: Baked chicken thighs, yuca fries, sauteed chard. One small second serving.

Day 14 (Tuesday)


IMG_20140408_180013_949Breakfast: Green smoothie – kale, raspberries, roasted acorn squash, half of an avocado. A little bit of baked salmon, zucchini and liver pate. 2 cups black coffee, 1 cup decaf green tea. 🙁 I really suck at quitting coffee.

Lunch: I was supposed to meet my husband for lunch but he stood me up, so I just grabbed some Chipotle. Lettuce, carnitas and guacamole. Not pictured is some jicama fries and green beans with Kelp salt and EVOO.

Dinner: Wild caught hake (fish) tacos with cucumber salsa for me. Side of Japanese sweet potato. 1 cup red raspberry leaf tea with 1 TBS collagen and 1 tsp raw local honey.

Holy cow! I made it through two weeks! Two weeks. I still have some work to do regarding cutting back on caffeine. But for now it is keeping me sane and my symptoms are still improving, although not completely gone. I notice my eczema is healing much faster than normal, which is awesome and also encouraging.

So if my 14 days of super clean eating is not enough motivation for you to make a change in your diet for the better, I wanted to also offer some specific words of encouragement…

A note about the naysayers.

Don’t talk to them. Don’t look at them. And for goodness sake don’t give their negativity any power. Be confident in your decision to take your health to the next level. Don’t let their comments sneak into your subconscious and karate chop your plans. 

You know the people and the comments I’m talking about, they’ll say things like “oh, that’s too much work” or “do you really carry olive oil in your purse?” or “is that going to make you break out?”

Some things people say could make you second guess your decision to clean up your diet and change your lifestyle to benefit YOU. I’m sure you’re thinking of an example from your life right now…whoever that person is give them an imaginary flick in the forehead and get on with your plans.

If someone thinks what you’re doing is not “cool” or “too much work”, poo-poo on them. You might look like a weirdo only eating steamed vegetables and bacon at a diner for breakfast (and taking out your high quality EVOO from your purse to pour on the vegetables). But who cares? You certainly shouldn’t.

The only person that is going to be as dedicated to getting yourself healthy is YOU. Screw everyone else.

You know what I think is weird? When someone thinks it is odd that you actually care about feeling good and being healthy and they look down on you for it or try to rain on your parade. Now that’s weird.

Stay the course no matter what oppositions you may face. And don’t let anyone directly or indirectly talk you out of your decision. 

How is it going for you? Have you seen any improvements in your health this week? Bueller…Bueller?