Quick & Easy London Broil Dinner

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I decided to take the day off today because we were gone all weekend for Easter and I wanted a day to get caught up.  Really want I wanted to do was cook.  Which I did.  I baked whole chicken legs (family pack from WholeFoods $8.50 for 3 lbs) that I’ll reheat with sauteed rainbow chard later this week and some meatloaf cupcakes for my son’s lunch box meals this week.  I also made some coconut cupcakes and somehow managed not to eat all of them in one sitting. So good!

Anyway, when my husband got home he was hungry and I felt bad when I said he couldn’t eat anything in the kitchen because I had other plans for everything.  So since he looked pretty desperate for sustenance, I whipped up the quickest dinner I’ve ever made, probably.

Here it goes..

1 Grass-fed London Broil
Salt-free seasoning (from Costco), about 1 TBS (If you don’t have this you can use salt, pepper, garlic and basil, or just salt and pepper)
1 bag of organic green beans
1 TBS grass-fed butter
1 organic red-bell pepper


  1. Pre-heat broiler.  Season London broil.  Place in a glass baking dish and put it under the broiler.  Once you see the one side start to brown and slightly caramelize, flip it and do the same to the other side. This should take about 8 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, wash the pepper, clean it and slice it.
  3. Put the bag of green beans in a pot with water and bring to bubbly, reduce heat and simmer for 2 minutes or until completely warmed through.

Serve with a some grass-fed butter on the green beans. Salt and pepper to taste.


Eat and Enjoy!

(By the way, this cost about $12 for 2.5 people)