Ace Hardware, Trader Joe’s, Acme, & Home Goods oh my!

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I get so friggin excited when I find a good deal I can’t contain myself.  I literally tell everyone I see – the guy at Ace, my neighbor, the next person that calls me, and of course my husband gets an earful when I come home.  This morning he was kind enough to stay home with our cranky teething toddler for a few hours when I went on a modern day hunt for deals on food, canning jars and some kitchen supplies.

Here is what I found:

Ace Hardware

$11.99 = 12 pint size mason jars for canning!!!
This is a red hot find in my mind.  I want to start learning how to can stuff like veggies and eggs.  And I wanted to start getting all the necessary items before my farmers market opens so I have no excuse not to buy super affordable, local vegetables and preserve them.  Every other place I have found these they were around $18-25 for the same number of jars.  You can probably find similar deals at a local hardware store or online at Ace of course.   Plus, while I was there I found cheesecloth, a bulb for our microwave, a hose nozzle and some paint rollers.  How’s that for convenience?!

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s rocks.   I am going to continue buying bacon and hot dogs there for sure.  Hot dogs are grass fed beef and organic for $4.99 each.  I’m planning to try Not Beenie Weenies with a side of sauteed leafy greens this week for dinner. Sounds quick, easy and cheap. Thanks Paleo Parents!

TJ’s has beef bacon for $2.99 and turkey bacon for $2.99 each. Good stuff and better or equal prices compared to WholeFoods. Plus if you think about buying your Hatfield, Oscar Meyer or other marketed bacon in your grocery store it is probably more expensive and has additives, nitrates and MSG. Ew.

*CORRECTION. Or rather just a little more information about bacon.  Click here for a super interesting article from the Weston A. Price blog.  Basically, uncured bacon is not necessarily healthier.  But bacon is still good for your heart though (despite popular beliefs).  Going forward, I might lay off the grocery store bacon no matter where it is from (Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, etc.) and stock up when it is on sale on US Wellness Meats or when I visit a local farm that sells artisan bacon from pastured animals.


Your favorite grocery store can be a good resource for great deals.  I meant to go to Weis this morning but was distracted listening to a Balanced Bites podcast and drove to Amce instead.  Whatevs.

I, of course, avoid the center aisles at all costs with the exception of the spice aisle and chocolate section of the candy aisle.  Read Mark’s guide to chocolate to learn more about how chocolate is great for you in moderation and at 75% cocoa or more.

Today at Acme I found all the Spice Island spices on sale. Saweet!  I got a bunch of stuff because it was all 50% off. Why not stock up?

Poppy seed, normally $6.79, on sale for $3.39
Cumin, normally $6.99, on sale for $3.49
Curry, normally $8.19, on sale for $4.09
Sage, normally $7.39, on sale for $3.69
Tumeric, normally $5.99, on sale for $2.99

Chocolate wasn’t on sale, but prices were decent so I picked some up.  $2.99 for organic chocolate bars and $2.79 for the Lindt. Not bad.

Home Goods

I love this place.  You have to go frequently if you have something specific on your list but if you are patient you can find a great deal.  I have been looking for glass jars to store coconut flour, almond flour and nuts.  I found these for $3.99 each!  Seriously?  Yes, for reals.  Perfect size and can’t beat the price.

Also, little known fact is Home Goods carries all sorts of weird oils, spices, vinegar and extracts.  A lot of times I find organic stuff too.  I found Avocado oil and Almond oil for $9.99 and $7.99 respectively.  Compared to the same product at Whole Foods, TJ’s or on Amazon it was a decent deal.
Ok, I’m done blabbering about my successful shopping day.  What have you found deals on lately?